Captain Larry's Home Port

    Captain L. Edward VanHoose M.A., though fully credentialed, is just fine with
"Capn" Larry.

    Author, adventurer, and maritime photographer with a sense of humor, this astute
Chesapeake bay waterman - of the
old school - is also known as an acclaimed biblical,
scientific, and philosophical source on the subject of reincarnation.

     Written with the precision of a fine college text, his warm probing insight and common
sense approach has made the "reader friendly" and well received,
The Voice: How the
Bible Reveals Reincarnation
, the prime reference of choice for scholars, sincere
seekers, and the general reader.

    Famous author
Jess Stearn, before his passing, was so impressed with the findings, he
wrote the Foreword. He predicted the work would ultimately become a best seller.


          "Capn" Larry is available as a speaker for your group or organization.  
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Capn Larry's moving  photographic images primarily cover maritime subjects, though
the merry mystical mariner occasionally explores the skies and shores, with his
insightful eye.

(Capn Larry, in full Colonial re-enactor's regalia, as a visiting English gentleman to the 1607
Jamestown celebration last summer.)

His sail and solar powered vessel is equipped with a complete optical and digital lab,
set up with a state of the art printing facility capable of processing handcrafted
museum quality photographs.  

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Captain L. Edward VanHoose M.A.
Maritime Metaphysical Images and Books